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I have been involved in the breathwork world since 1995, and this is by far the most exciting breathwork event I have ever attended. I felt a shift in myself just by engaging with the content and personalities in The Breathing Festival. Thank you all!

Jacques Theron

I feel so lucky to have experienced breathwork at the precursor of The Breathing Festival last February, and since then I've been hooked. I love breathwork, and I can full-heartedly say that connecting more deeply with my breath has changed my life!

Julia Chiabudini

Breathwork has been life changing for me. It allows me to feel my emotions fully and access moments of peace. It’s taught me to take up space, be loud, and free. I’m excited to grow and learn more from the speakers who were in The Breathing Festival!

Angela Lovine

Wow what an incredible experience The Breathing Festival has been, so much inspiration and transformation. Such a well rounded collection of presenters that uncover all the potentials of Breathwork from so many different angles.

Mark Archer

I joined for the first time The Breathing Festival, I really enjoyed it 🧡.
It was so exciting to follow breath sessions & lectures from breathworkers all over the world. I’ve learned a lot and I am more excited then ever about breathwork. ✨🌟🧡🌟✨

Mariet Brans

The speakers were all amazing, intelligent, compassionate & generous of heart-truly inspirational leaders! if that wasn’t enough, your customer service was exemplary! In fact, I have never experienced such kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend you. 🌈🙏🏼

Carla Raimer

Attending The Breathing Festival has been uplifting, inspiring, motivating and most informative. My thanks to Dan and the organisers for giving me the opportunity to enhance my life.

Beverley Cary

The Breathing Festival was like a wave of fresh unbelievable information washing over me.
It was inspiring on many levels.
Thanks so much to the organisers and speakers !!!

Tony Dokman

Spectacular festival with worldclass speakers that delivered deep transformation – I feel profound gratitude to Dan, the team and the enlightened teachers who share their experience, knowledge and skills so generously. Deeply transformative.

m. clarke

This great breathing festival confirms that breathwork is not a technique or therapy; it is an innate capacity or ability that we have to recover to be more ourselves.
Be breathing, my friends.

Luis Riola

Breathwork has been so influential to the way I shape my business and my life. I am breathwork crazy. I think it should be a class in school. These are things anyone can benefit from.

Kreston Woods

What a wonderful gift to have this inspiration! So many dedicated and passionate people all sharing their ideas, the tools and their creative flow with the community. It’s raising Earth’s vibration; healing the world one breath pattern at a time!

Nicola Price

TBF is an amazing contribution to the world of breathwork. Nearly every one of my favorite teachers are involved and I have learned so much from each presenter so far. I have to say Jessica Dibb’s presentation was profound and not to be missed! TY

Will Michael, PhD

I uplifted my happiness with heart centered Breathwork practitioners at the Cabo Breath Fest, the predecessor to The Breathing Festival in 2020. Join me and 55 Elite Breathwork Teachers in creating a World that Breathes & Plays Happy … Now!!!

Roberto Suarez

Breathwork is a powerful tool that makes you change your state and transform your emotions freely. The Breathing Festival provides a lot of different ways of breathing. I believe you can find the way you like. And I hope you USE IT!!

Yuta Fumoto

Conscious Breathing changed my life … for ever. From negativity to positivity, from helpless to joy, from sadness to happiness. The Festival is a celebration of life and health, coached by the most amazing breathers and souls.

Carlos de la Rúa

Breathwork has done so much for me, in ways I never expected. It was exactly what I needed in my life at the time that it showed up. It showed me I had the answers all along … just needed different questions.

Brett Bohn

Breathwork has been so influential to the way I shape my business and my life. I am breathwork crazy. I think it should be a class in school. These are things anyone can benefit from.

Kreston Woods

I am excited to be a part of this powerful movement and making a huge difference in the world! I have been dreaming about this time for all 20 years that I have been working with breath. The time has come for global awakening with breathwork!

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

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