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We are incredibly excited to invite you to the International Center for Breathwork membership program! The ICFB offers both annual and monthly memberships. Join annually to get the discounted rate of $111 – TWO MONTHS FREE – compared to monthly payments and the guarantee of a full year of incredible breathwork teachings, information and experiences!

A festival ticket purchased using the same email address is REQUIRED to view the on-demand festival sessions through the ICFB membership program.  If you are joining the membership program after the conclusion of The Breathing Festival, you must still purchase a festival ticket using the same email address that you use for your membership to gain access to the festival presentations.

The cost of developing, creating and running both The Breathing Festival and the International Center for Breathwork is high, but we have priced the festival and membership program extremely low to align with our mission: To bring the benefits of breath awareness and conscious breathing to every human on the planet.

No refunds on membership packages, but you may cancel at anytime; no commitment beyond what you have already paid.

Thank you for being part of our movement to raise the vibration of our planet, one breath at a time.

Membership Options

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Annual Membership

(2 months FREE!)
No refunds.

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Monthly Membership

No refunds.
Cancel anytime.

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