What do you get as a Member of the International Center for Breathwork?

The official launch of our membership program will be on February 11, 2021 to coincide with the first day of The Breathing Festival.

As a member, festival ticket holders will have access to on-demand replays of The Breathing Festival sessions and much more including:

On-Demand Access to Digital Recordings Library

The International Center for Breathwork is home to the digital files from The Breathing Festival, the Global Breathwork Leaders program and all the events that we host throughout the year.

As a member, you have on-demand access to these videos to review at your leisure.  Watch as this library grows into a one stop shop where you can learn and discover all things breathwork taught by facilitators, practitioners and experts from all over the world.

LIVE Events Exclusive for Members

Join us for LIVE virtual events led by Dan Brulé and other prominent breathwork masters, facilitators and teachers.

LIVE events will be held 1-2 times a month.

Some will be FREE and exclusive for ICFB members.  Others will be fee based and ICFB members will receive a special discount.

LIVE events will be available for on-demand viewing after the event concludes in the digital recordings library.

WBWR Breathwork Radio

WBWR Breathwork Radio

Listen in to commercial-free breathwork radio and hear original music written for breathwork, yoga, meditation and concentration.  Tune in for news, interviews and podcasts about the breath and breathing from leaders in the field.  This is the official radio station for The Breathing Festival.

Breathwork Provider Directory

Connected with breathwork practitioners and service providers from around the world and from every style and method of breathing practices.  

Breathwork Events Directory

Peruse our listings of breathwork events to find one in your local area or lots you can attend online from anywhere in the world.  

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