ICFB Music Artist Program

You create music that beautifully accompanies breathwork, meditation, yoga, massage, hypnosis, cacao parties and other explorations of consciousness. We have a large international audience interested in breathing with your music. Let’s collaborate.

The International Center for Breathwork (ICFB)

The ICFB is dedicated to sharing the many benefits of breathwork with the world as a means to improve everyday life.  The ICFB fulfils this mission through the annual gathering about breathing and breathwork known as The Breathing Festival and through the ICFB membership program.

The Breathing Festival

The Breathing Festival is an online event that runs from Thursday – Sunday over three weekends in February: February 11-14; February 18-21; February 25-28, 2021. Attendees take part in empowering discussions, life-awakening breathing experiences, tools for everyday living, conscious music, cutting-edge breathing technology and more.

WBWR – Breathwork Radio

Find a new audience of global listeners on WBWR, digital Breathwork Radio – the official radio station of The Breathing Festival. WBWR will launch on opening day of The Breathing Festival, February 11, 2021.  Music artists like you who partner with the ICFB receive on-air exposure on WBWR to a core audience of conscious, connected, growth-oriented, beautiful people. These are people who listen to good music, use it in their own practices and want to support conscious artists so that the magic can keep happening. In addition to being promoted on-air, all program schedules for WBWR are posted online with artist information and clickable links back to artist sites.

ICFB Breathwork Provider and Events Directories

ICFB Music Artists can also promote their own music and music events to ICFB members through the ICFB Breathwork Provider Directory and the Breathwork Events Directory.  Plus they have opportunities to have their music featured in exclusive original live and recorded events with leading breathwork professionals from around the globe. These events are available to ICFB members and receive extra promotion globally year-round.

To summarize, there are three ways to engage with our audience as a member of the ICFB Artist Program. You can participate in any or all of these options, whatever suits you best: 

  1. WBWR radio play time and promotions to festival-goers and ICFB members
  2. Featured music provider in the online Breathwork Providers Directory for ICFB members and a chance to be part of new original video content produced by the ICFB and other ICFB breathwork providers
  3. Promote your own music events to ICFB members through the Breathwork Events Directory

(1) RADIO PLAY TIME: ICFB Music Artist in WBWR Radio Program Schedule

Your pre-approved tracks will be played on WBWR digital radio which is available to The Breathing Festival attendees and members of the ICFB year-round. 

ICFB Commitments

  • Verbal credit during radio program when played, song and artist
  • Listing in program schedule on website (and future app) with clickable links to artist sites
  • Name exposure in WBWR marketing and promotions (at station’s discretion)
  • Music exposure in WBWR marketing and promotions (at station’s discretion)

Artist Commitments

  • Permission to play specific songs on WBWR
  • Permission for the ICFB to include artist name in WBWR marketing and promotion
  • Permission for the ICFB to include and credit artist music in WBWR marketing and promotion
  • Permission for the ICFB to include ARTIST Name and music in published and unpublished recordings of WBWR


(2) MUSIC PROVIDER: ICFB Music Artist in Breathwork Provider Directory

The online Breathwork Provider Directory for ICFB members will include artist name and clickable links to agreed upon artist websites. Also enjoy opportunities to have your music featured in original video content (live and recorded) produced by the ICFB and other breathwork providers.  

ICFB Commitments

  • Listing in Breathwork Provider Directory
  • Promotion in marketing and PR as an Official Music Artist of the ICFB
  • Promotion to festival presenters and other ICFB breathwork providers, presenting artist’s music for use in original content (upon agreement by artist)
  • Credit artist in new original content (live and recorded)

 Artist Commitments

  • Permission for the ICFB to list details about artist and artist’s music in Breathwork Provider Directory
  • Be open to new partnership opportunities to provide music for use in new original (live and recorded) content created by the ICFB, by our festival presenters and other ICFB breathwork providers.


(3) MUSIC EVENTS: ICFB Music Artist in Breathwork Events Directory

List your own music events in the ICFB Breathwork Events Directory promoted to members of the ICFB.  

ICFB Commitment

  • Listing in Breathwork Events Directory

Artist Commitment

  • Permission for the ICFB to list details about artist’s music events in Breathwork Events Directory

Please submit the form below to begin the enrollment process.  A member from our team will contact you within a few days to review the program agreement and finalize your enrollment.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us through our contact form.  Be sure to select “WBWR Radio” in the drop down field so your question is routed to the correct team.

You can participate in any or all of these options, whatever suits you best:

  • Please indicate how artist's name should appear in published materials:
  • eg. Owner, Manager, Agent
  • Please let us know how you would like to be described to our audience on WBWR Breathwork Radio. We may use this description to introduce you and your music to our listeners on the air. It will also help us understand your music better and the way that you want to be marketed/branded/profiled on our website and in our marketing and promotions.
  • Be sure to include https:// at the beginning of your website address.
  • Images will be cropped into a circle shape, 450px by 450px jpg, png only. 1mb max
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Artist's music is appropriate for these breathwork applications:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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